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== How To Post To Commons ==

To make a new entry search on it using the "Go" button.

When the system can't find it, you'll be asked to make a new page for the phrase. Have fun with it. You have to be logged in to make the page. Also, we are currently cross indexing the articles on the commons page. If there is something in them that is of interest to you, go for it. Don't forget to invite others you know to add stuff. This is not an encyclopedia project. It's decategorized. It's okay to make art out of it. Your content is hosted in Canada. (Please, no porn, IP infringements or stuff that causes personal harm.) Also, most pages can be edited by all users, including you and yours, respect your power and use it with care.

N.B.: Click the "view source" tab, or "Edit" tab, at the top of each page to see how something is easily coded. Like this embedded video floated to the right with a 20 pixel margin. Many html tags also work if you want to work with them. This one is the i tag.

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