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Artist Organized Art is a 501(c)(3) Charitable Organization.

Our Cause: Communities with a high degree of art making receive quality of life benefits. By contrast, the activity of art making, in most communities, is severely under valued. The artist organizer is a specific type of community organizer who bridges this gap. Our cause is to support artist organizers and to increase awareness of the benefits of artist organized art as a category of art in common culture. We exist only through your generous support. Thank you for making a very important donation. We urge you to deduct it to the fullest extent possible at tax time.

Our Mission: Artist Organized Art is a charitable organization enriching the lives of artists, organizers and the public through artist organized media, events and cultural education. Available to millions of digital media households, Artist Organized Art brings a trusted resource to local communities across a multicultural and diverse society.

Programs in planning: 1. Online Publication 2. Development Campaign 3. Travel Grants 4. Funding Source 5. Micro Biennial 6. Tourism and Urban Policy

"Artist Organized Art is a labor of love that benefits a large, diverse, multi-cultural and global community of artists and the wider communities from which they emerge. Yes, it's a struggle running it, but it benefits too many people for us to even consider slowing down. We are a 501(c)(3) Public Charity. Please throw your support behind us, even small donations can make a huge difference. -- With grateful thanks, Joshua Selman"

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Our Letter Of Determination:

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By check please make and send donation to:

Artist Organized Art, Inc.
90 Linseed Road
Hatfield, Massachusetts 01088
Attn: Erika Knerr

For additional contact

see the GuideStar Profile

Ways you can help Artist Organizers right now

Without donating a dime:

  • Text message or Twitter your contacts to help out Artist Organized Art right now
  • Endorse us to your contacts, ask them to donate
  • Blog about us
  • Write our url in guest books at galleries
  • Write, print or transfer the words "Artist Organized Art" on your clothing
  • Put our url in your latest Youtube video
  • Add us to a dedication
  • Throw an event, concert or exhibition to benefit Artist Organized Art
  • Organize a fundraiser for Artist Organized Art
  • Host an Artist Organized Art party at your space
  • Donate items we can offer as free gifts with a donation and market them to your customers
  • Make an item exclusively for purchase through a donation to Artist Organized Art and market it to your customers

Questions? Contact our Development Team

Non-Profit Tax Exempt 501c3 Charity

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